Data & Analytics Strategy & Tactics Guide & Template

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πŸ•Š Introducing the Data & Analytics Strategy & Tactics Guide
Data Platform universe is vast, vendors are continually releasing new features, so I have developed this new guide to determine the best ways to use BI for what users and companies need, and set up Data and Analytics projects effectively.

This knowledge board (developed without ChatGPT 😎) is based on my experience and community ideas, with special thanks to Wayne Eckerson, Willem Koenders, Roman Bunin and many other data thinkers.

πŸ“ƒ What is inside the Guide?

This new edition features a new structure and content for enhanced clarity and reflects the AI-driven transformation trend.
The board includes 110+ topics, 150+ slides with practical exercises organized into five stages for developing or adjusting your Data and Analytics strategy and tactical roadmap.

The is also a Copyable MIRO Template with collection of more then 25 Practical exercises designed to help you structure your own series of workshops with your team effectively.

🎯 Target Use Cases:

β–ͺ Start/Restart BI: Creating a detailed plan for implementing a BI system.
β–ͺ Synchronize Watches: Improving existing BI systems and aligning team strategies.
β–ͺ Identifying specific enhancements for your project.

πŸ€” Practical Tips:

β–ͺ Focus on achievable goals - every organization will have its unique blend of initiatives based on its constraints.
β–ͺ Always prioritize initiatives by their impact, relevance, and the complexity of implementation.
β–ͺ Adopt the 'Test and Learn' philosophy to prevent the overengineering of ineffective solutions.


I'm aware of how controversial some of these assumptions may be, I will continue to reflect on how to make them more logical. So I'd truly appreciate your feedback and any concerns you may have. Please get in touch with me on LinkedIn or email to:

PS: please don’t forget to leave a rating :) if the product helps you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Data & Analytics Strategy & Tactics Guide & Template

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