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BI Adoption Guide and Template

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🚀 22 Reasons for Low BI Report Adoption and 70 Practices to Address Them - Introducing the Public BI Adoption Boost Guide!

For over a year, I've been thinking about breaking down this problem. Now, let's decompose it.

😡 At the initial level, I've identified 8 main reasons for low BI Adoption:
1️⃣ Users are unaware of your reports.
2️⃣ Users have forgotten about your reports.
3️⃣ Users do not understand your reports.
4️⃣ Your reports are inconvenient and slow.
5️⃣ Users do not trust your reports/you.
6️⃣ Users need different reports, and these are not provided.
7️⃣ Users do not want to use your reports.
8️⃣ Users want nothing.

🤗 Then I break these reasons down into 22 more detailed points and map to 70 practices of various scales and effects known to me that can help address these issues.

All practices are presented in 4 buckets:
▪️ What does BI Team need to do to align their work with the overall needs of the company?
▪️ What can BI developers do to create reports with a high adoption rate from the start?
▪️ What can BI developers/teams do to boost existing BI report adoption?
▪️ How can Data Management initiatives affect BI adoption?

🔮 It's rare for everything to go wrong with adoption in a company. So, you can understand the pain points in your project and find practices for the problem. BI Adoption is an eternal and almost philosophical topic. BI system don't evoke an unconditional desire to use them.. The key is in a deep analysis of your business user and experimentation.

🙏 Thanks for valuable content advice from Georgiy Vinogradov, Roman Bunin, Ksenia Ageeva, Anastasiya Kuznetsova, Natalia Liubimova, Max Ivanov.

👨‍🏫 As an extension - I've created an additional Template for a team workshop session. You can use it to make a self-assessment of your BI Adoption with your team:
▪️ brainstorm and rank the REASONS for low adoption.
▪️ Come up with PRACTICES that can help to address them.

Use the public board as a source of inspiration and Go!

🛠 Board development is continuously in progress, and your feedback is invaluable. Please get in touch with me on LinkedIn or email to:

PS: please don’t forget to leave a rating :) if the product helps you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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BI Adoption Guide and Template

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